#GivingTuesday Is More than a Hashtag

For the past six years, the charitable season has started with a new milestone: #GivingTuesday. It has become a new phenomenon that takes aim at the commercialism of the holiday season and is a chance for us to think about those less fortunate and how we can help. It’s not just a chance to brag on social media about donating to a cause, but it’s an opportunity to leave a mark on an organization (or 12!) that is helping care for many.


For the Wily Network, we rely on the giving spirit that’s in the air between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. It’s when we receive many gifts that can quickly be used to help a Wily Scholar get through the holidays or start the spring semester off right.


Here are some numbers from the 2017 #GivingTuesday that better illustrate how much of a difference one day can make:

  • 21.7 billion online impressions – That means people are talking, sharing, and spreading lots of information. We need you all to get online and talk us up!


  • 2.5 million gifts – That’s a lot of gifts! If even just 30 of those came to us, it’ll make a difference for our scholars.


  • $120.40 was the average gift – That’s right, while a lot of people are giving $20, there’s so many more that are cutting big checks, even into the thousands of dollars! Just think, $100 buys a scholar that new winter coat they need, or $250 will pay for their meals on break.


  • Over $300 million raised – As much as we’d like a chunk of that, we’re modest in that we’re taking small, but meaningful, steps to help our scholars. Our goal for #GivingTuesday 2018 is $10,000.


It’s A Tough Time For Wily Scholars

All jokes aside, the giving season and #GivingTuesday is critical for helping Wily Scholars. It’s during this time of year that they don’t have families to visit on Thanksgiving, they don’t have anyone to hit store lines with at 6 a.m., and many just don’t have the happiest of holidays. With a little help, we can give them the extra support they need as college finals keep them busy, but thoughts of the holidays distract them.


While you’re out and about on Black Friday and cuddled up on Cyber Monday, use your savings on #GivingTuesday to make a difference. By all means, don’t just give to us, but to other causes important to you and your family during the holidays. Just know that every dime we get means the world to us.

Expressing Gratitude over the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the winter holiday season, and many students look forward to the long weekend packed with food, family, and friends. For some students, going home is not an option. This year marks the Wily Network’s third annual Thanksgiving celebration on November 18, bringing together students from across the Wily community for an evening of food and fun. In addition to the celebration, Wily also hosts a Thanksgiving lunch in Boston and connects Wily scholars to caring gift givers throughout the holiday season.

If you find yourself staying on campus this Thanksgiving, here are a few ideas for things you can do to celebrate the holiday.

Ways to spend your Thanksgiving time:

  • Celebrate “Friendsgiving”: See who else is planning to stay on campus over the weekend. You might be surprised by how many students stick around over the holidays. Try to organize a “friendsgiving” get-together for a dinner, lunch, or fall festivity. At the Wily Network, we host a group dinner each month at a different Boston restaurant and also organize Sunday activities for our Scholars.
  • Explore the city: Boston has so much to offer during the fall season, and there is always something happening in the city. Start planning your weekend by visiting Boston’s official events calendar.
  • Write thank-you notes: The value of a handwritten thank-you letter is often underestimated.  Spend some time writing short notes or emails to those you care about. No need to write a lot, just make sure it’s personal. Friends, professors, and mentors will love receiving a personal note and truly appreciate it. Click here to learn more about writing a thoughtful thank-you note.
  • Get ahead in school: It’s never too late to catch up or do some work in advance.  It seems like a boring way to spend vacation time, but you will thank yourself when you are cruising along throughout finals. The not-so-big secret is that the end-of-semester stress usually kicks in right after Thanksgiving.         

We want to know what you are grateful for.  Tell us what you’re giving thanks for this holiday season in the comments.  


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