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Spring Community Day 2022

We started off Spring Community Day with a dare: can you go the whole day without saying one of the banned words? We were all given five clothespins, and told that we could take someone else’s clothespins if we heard them say: Scholar, Judi, Wily, Coach or College. It was a challenge. It’s hard to spend [...]

By |April 5, 2022|

Mentoring vs. Coaching

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a mentor and a coach? Since January is National Mentoring Month, we thought we’d take the opportunity to explain! Here’s the quick version: mentors are role models who speak from a place of experience. Coaches are collaborators who specifically focus on working with you to achieve your goals. Of course, many mentors [...]

By |January 14, 2022|

Fall Community Day 2021

Would you believe that a month into the school year, there were some Scholars we had only met through the computer screen? Fall Community Day changed all that. The first in-person Community Day we’ve had in two years was a refreshing chance to catch up with old friends and welcome new students into the community. We kicked off the event by [...]

By |October 5, 2021|

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