College Partners

An agreement will be drawn up with the Wily Network and each college specifying the relationship, program, and financial arrangement at the school. 

Five goals will guide the provision of support services to students:

  1. Personal safety, health, and financial stability needed for peace of mind
  2. Academic success
  3. Healthy social and emotional development
  4. Maximizing the college experience by encouraging and enabling Wily Scholars to participate in study abroad, student organizations, community service, and other school-based activities
  5. Development of skills needed for a post-college career

The Wily Network coach, in coordination with the Wily Network home office staff, will provide the resources that each student needs to succeed in college and are not available to him or her as an alumni of the foster care system.

Resources provided to students may include:

  • materials needed to participate in college academic and social activities
  • dorm startup package
  • academic tool package
  • direct services 
  • ancillary services 
  • monitoring of student progress
  • career services
  • identification and supervision of peer mentors (eventually, these mentors will be Wily Scholars from the same college who are further along in school)