What is a Wily Scholar?

Wily Scholars are college students who strive to manage their own finances, secure their own summer/break housing, and work to provide themselves with food, books, clothing, and dorm essentials. The common thread among Wily Scholars is that they are all navigating college on their own.

Join Our Pack

  • Are you attending a four-year residential college in Greater Boston?
  • Are you navigating college on your own without a safety net?
  • Have you experienced foster care, homelessness, or parents who are challenged by addiction, incarceration, or mental health issues?


Benefits of Being a Wily Scholar

  • Weekly on-campus coaching and special events. Let us help you achieve your goals!
  • Community-building and networking opportunities. Engage with other Wily Scholars and make new connections on campus and beyond!
  • Supplemental financial assistance and education. From filing your taxes to buying new interview clothes, we have your back!
  • On-call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re always just a phone call or text away!