Wily and You

The Wily Network is designed to support students who lack a safety net as they work their way through college to graduation. The goal is to help each student succeed academically, maintain overall wellness, develop financial stability, and connect to their campus community. Our coaches support our Scholars every step of the way and assist them in moving toward the post-graduation path of their choosing. Scholars are encouraged to cultivate a community they can carry with them throughout their lives.

The Wily Network supports students as they:

  • transition to college
  • navigate all stages of college life through graduation
  • identify and secure year-round housing
  • address any physical health, personal wellness, and food security issues during college
  • build their community

The Wily Network Provides

  • on-campus coaching
  • community-building and networking opportunities
  • on-call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • supplemental financial assistance as detailed in the Wily Network Agreement.

With Wily I feel like I have a group of people who really support me, care about me, who want to see me succeed. I have people who are like my coaches. I have new friends out of it. People who are just like me who needed the support, and now who has it. Wily has been such a blessing to me.


Wily Scholar, Northeastern University