Top Ten Reasons to Donate to Wily

Wily Scholars are talented, hard-working college students who have managed a lifetime of obstacles just to gain admission to a four-year college. When they arrive on campus, they face new challenges; Wily steps in to bring reliable adults into these students’ lives during this critical stage of personal growth.


Wily offers a critical safety net for students whose families are unable to guide or support them during this pivotal stage in their lives.


Wily’s future-oriented, strengths-based approach — “do with, not for”—promotes self-sufficiency. This proven program model is backed by two decades of research, experience and success; 47 similar programs operate in 18 states.


Wily connects with students when they arrive at college to help to chart a course for a successful future.


Wily removes obstacles to bolster Scholars’ ability to focus on their academic lives and reaching the goal of graduation.


Wily introduces Scholars to their “pack,” a network of people with shared experiences. Scholars learn how to tell their story and build a community where they feel accepted and know they belong.



Donating to Wily is an investment in the future of your community. Wily adds value to the Scholars’ lives, the campus community, and beyond, building their personal network while strengthening the larger community.



With your donation, Wily makes a small but critical investment in each Scholar’s life, which can make the difference between their leaving college with no degree, nowhere to live, and no one to lean on and their reaching graduation with a robust community of peers and caring adults to share in their celebration.



Wily teaches Scholars the critical life skills of self-care and self-advocacy. Scholars learn how to access campus resources, accept support and break free from life in survival mode.


Wily connects Scholars to caring and consistent adults, Wily coaches who build one-to-one relationships with Scholars that are authentic and personalized, tailored to each student’s needs and goals.


Wily provides funds as needed to relieve Scholars’ financial worries, ensure they can keep themselves healthy and safe, and enable them to make the most of their college experience.