Turning the Tables is an event series hosted by Wily advocates across the US. These events raise awareness and funds to support 85 Scholars who are taking their seats at the table.

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Meet our ‘Turning the Tables’ Committee
Katie Bramley The Wily Network
Katie Bramley
Judi Alperin King, PhD The Wily Network
Judi Alperin King
Kim Pappas The Wily Network
Kim Pappas
Judi Rosensweig The Wily Network
Judi Rosensweig
Andrew Rudzinski The Wily Network
Andy Rudzinski

Make a Difference

It was an honor to host a Turning the Tables event. It is so important to share the incredible and impactful work Wily does each day to support and encourage Wily Scholars through their college journeys. As higher education professionals, we have seen firsthand the importance that mentoring, guidance, and support are to students in their quest to become successful college graduates. It is a remarkable feat and even more remarkable to see the fruits of Wily’s labor…confident, talented, energized young men and women ready to take on the world upon graduation.

Mary Lou Jackson, Regis College & Deb Salvucci, Stonehill College
About The Wily Network

Wily works with students who are navigating college independently due to life challenges, such as homelessness, foster care, parental addiction, or estrangement, and helps them flourish in college and beyond. By providing Scholars with a network of resources—clinical coaching, financial assistance, community-building, and more—Wily Scholars defy the odds and achieve their goal of graduation. Simply put, Wily helps Scholars thrive, not just survive. 

We’d love to hear from you.

We’d love to hear from you.