Gift Card Drive

The Wily Network welcomes in-kind donations of gift cards to support our Scholars throughout the year. Our Scholars are always in need of gift cards, whether for meals when the cafeteria is closed over break, transportation, or dorm room essentials and personal items. Of course, there are times when we could all use a special treat — our Scholars love to be able to get a warm cup of coffee on a cold day, a sandwich at the local cafe or a cupcake from the bakery.

Gift card suggestions:

American Express
Charlie Card
Uber or Lyft

When I share the important mission of the Wily Network with my friends and family, they often ask, What can I do to help? There are many ways to support the work that Wily is doing, but the easiest one may be just to think of the Wily Scholars in your day-to-day life.

A small effort for me may make a Scholar’s life a little easier and put a smile on his or her face.


Board Member, The Wily Network