Wily Stands in Solidarity

To Our Wily Pack,

I hardly feel qualified to be a voice in the fight for equity, and yet it is critical at this moment for all of us to step up and become agents for social change. Now is the time for Wily, and for each one of us, to open up our understanding of community and to intentionally expand our own Pack. 

At the Wily Network, we recognize that the diversity of our pack is our greatest strength. One of our primary strategic goals is to infuse best practices around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging throughout our community. In order to achieve this goal, we must face the crises in front of us and prepare ourselves for the future.

The Wily Network stands in solidarity with all who demand justice for George Floyd and the countless other Black lives lost to violence and systemic racism. We condemn the most recent acts of police brutality while acknowledging that these forms of oppression are not new. Now is a time for grieving. Now is a time for action.

Wily’s core values have never been more relevant. Together, we pledge to listen and learn about racism as we remain committed to our Scholars and to inclusion for the long term. As always, we hold Wily Scholars at the heart of our mission and work to develop deep and trusting relationships with them. We will continue to promote equity and justice through our work. We will move forward by supporting our Scholars, staff, and community partners, working together to use our collective voice to challenge expressions of white supremacy and all forms of social injustice. Because of all of you, we can rely on the strength of our Pack.

Be well, and please join us as we use our voices to change our world,

Judi Alperin King
Executive Director

Celebrating 5 Years!