The Wily Network

From Surviving to Thriving

The Wily Network

From Surviving to Thriving
We Are Wily

The Wily Network serves Boston area students who are navigating college without a safety net. Wily partners with Scholars throughout their college experiences, working with them to manage challenges and celebrate successes at each stage of their educational journeys. 

Wily helps students identify and achieve their academic, professional, and life goals through:

  • clinical coaching
  • financial support 
  • community building 
  • professional development
We Are Wily

Wily Scholars are promising students who are experiencing life challenges such as homelessness or foster care, or whose parents may be deceased, dealing with addiction, mental health issues, or incarceration. The Wily Network provides a critical safety net for these Scholars as they navigate college independently. The Wily program offers weekly clinical coaching, financial assistance, community-building support, and networking opportunities to help them move from surviving to thriving.

Wily Initiatives '21-'22
Wily Network Initiatives for 2021-2022

For the 2021-2022 school year the Wily Network has adopted three initiatives that will help us continue to build on our foundation, expand our network, and improve our programming.

  1. Expansion: We’re expanding our organization to serve more Scholars and meet the growing need for our services. Learn more about our open positions.
  2. Mental Well-Being: From funding therapy to conducting research on mental health services, Wily is working on a range of projects to prioritize  Scholars’ mental health.
  3. Career Fair: We hosted our first Career Fair to expose Scholars to job and internship opportunities. Learn how you and your company can support the Career Fair.

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Students navigating college independently face a variety of systemic barriers, and it can be difficult to access everything college has to offer. Wily provides students with tangible and intangible benefits to fill these gaps and provide a supportive partnership during their college experience.

You can help Wily provide these additional resources so Scholars can focus on what they came to school to do: get their degrees.

"The Wily Network does not do everything for us. What the Wily Network does is help Scholars manage the noise and provide us support and care, so we can focus on what we came to school to do: get our degrees. Being a Wily Scholar has helped me develop the tools, networks, and skills to leave college the same way I started – with a very bright future ahead of me.” Testimonial by Saffron, Wily alum, MIT ‘20

The Wily program has three key components: clinical coaching, supplemental financial assistance and community-building.


Wily works with college and university partners in New England to support Scholars.


Volunteers connect with Wily through Care Package Events, Gift Giving, Gift Card Drives and Networking.


Donors’ support and generosity are critical to the Wily Network.

Thank you to our Supporters

We are so grateful to the corporations, foundations, and community partners who supported Wily through 2021 and to date.



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