What We Do

The Wily Program

We believe in the power of deep, trusting relationships.

With Wily by their side, Scholars can keep pace with their peers academically, despite the challenges they face while navigating college. Scholars’ personal success depends on the crucial ingredients of the Wily program: consistent emotional and financial support, a community on which they can rely, and opportunities to network that ensure they build the skills needed for an independent future.

1. Clinical Coaching

Scholars and clinically trained coaches form authentic and meaningful relationships in which students feel both validated and accountable. Students and coaches meet weekly, on campus, to collaborate, identify, and work toward goals. Additionally, coaches are available 24/7 when more support is needed or crises arise.

2. Supplemental Financial Support

Worry over food security, health care and overall financial stability is a constant for Wily Scholars, with negative impacts on their emotional well-being. To enable students to focus on academics, Wily provides a monthly stipend as well as financial assistance to cover gaps in their budgets for both expected and unexpected necessitities. 

3. Community-Building and Networking

In addition to our cornerstone Community Day events and holiday gatherings, Wily holds monthly Dining Out with Wily dinners, as well as frequent meet-ups for museum tours, movies, or bowling. Through these opportunities, Scholars develop peer relationships and build a community where they feel accepted and know that they belong.
     Wily connects Scholars to professionals in a wide variety of fields to cultivate their interests, polish their skills, and generate summer internship and career opportunities that will lead to post-graduate success.

COVID-19 Spotlight

As we all know, responding responsibly during the COVID-19 global pandemic includes social distancing. At Wily, we suddenly needed to make drastic changes to our programs after long relying on face-to-face interactions to provide opportunities for our Pack to connect. Still, we are finding ways to stay Wily:

  • Our monthly newsletters connect Scholars digitally with content ranging from recognizing mental health needs to suggestions for at-home entertainment, as well as Wily updates.
  • Thanks to Zoom and UberEats, we hold monthly “Dining IN with Wily” dinners for Scholars and staff to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Our group chat app remains a way for Scholars to stay connected, ask for advice, and share good news with the Pack.

Like most of the world, we are continuing to adjust to life in a pandemic, but our consistent contact with Scholars reminds them that we – their Pack – are there for them, no matter where, no matter what.