What We Do


From Freshman orientation to college graduation, Wily aims to provide a safety net for Wily Scholars. We help connect Scholars to campus and outside resources that enable them to meet their social, emotional and financial needs. This support empowers Wily Scholars to keep pace with their peers as they navigate their college careers independently.

Clinical Coaching

Wily coaches build relationships with Scholars that are authentic and personalized, tailored to each student’s needs and goals. Coaches are competent, dedicated and clinically trained in trauma-sensitive practice.

  • Coach-Scholar meetings are a once-weekly, on-campus collaboration led by the student to help each Scholar identify and work toward his or her goals.
  • Coach-Scholar relationships are an essential and meaningful alliance — Scholars are held accountable, but they also feel seen, heard and valued.
  • Scholars are comforted to know that someone is available to them 24/7. When crises arise, Scholars often turn to their coach first, demonstrating just how supportive and significant these relationships can be.

Supplemental Financial Assistance

For Wily Scholars, money is almost always tight. To help alleviate students’ anxiety about nutrition, health care, and overall financial security, and enable them to focus on their academics, Wily provides a monthly stipend. Wily also provides supplemental financial assistance to help cover gaps in students’ budgets for items such as a laptop or cell phone, as well as unexpected but necessary expenses.

Each financial request is reviewed in a solution-focused, non-judgmental way, to understand how this necessity fits into the overall picture of the student’s emotional, physical and financial well-being. 

One of Wily’s Scholars, who had been in college for a while without Wily’s support, said during our first meeting, “all this time, I’ve been looking for someone to disappoint.”  Her statement struck me to my core… it was her way of saying she was hungry for someone to care enough to hold her accountable, to offer her unconditional support, to celebrate her achievements and help give them meaning.  As a Coach, being that person for a Wily Scholar is an honor and a privilege.

Bonnie Yezukevich

Director of Programming, Clinical Scholar Coach, The Wily Network

Community-Building and Networking

Wily’s community-building program offers a variety of opportunities for Scholars to connect with others: Scholars, coaches and staff come together for Wily Community Day events in the fall and spring, and we hold monthly Dining Out with Wily dinners. Throughout the year, Scholars can meet up at a local museum, cinema or bowling alley. But Wily events are not just about sharing a meal or seeing a movie — Scholars learn how to tell their story and build a community where they feel accepted and know that they belong. They develop relationships that will bolster them now and in the future.

Along with Wily’s internal community, the career networking component of the Wily program continues to grow and develop. Wily’s goal is to connect Scholars to professionals in a wide variety of fields. We aim to create positive face-to-face experiences, expand Scholars’ knowledge, polish their leadership and interview skills, cultivate their interests, and advance their careers by generating summer internship and post-graduate employment opportunities.