What We Do

What We Do
We believe in the power of deep, trusting relationships

With Wily by their side, Scholars have the support needed to keep pace with their peers, despite the challenges they face while navigating college. Wily supports Scholar success through key elements of the Wily program: consistent emotional support, supplemental financial assistance, a community on which they can rely, and opportunities to network that ensure they build the skills needed for an independent future.

Program and Community

A central component of Wily’s program is community – the Wily “Pack.” When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Wily reimagined what gathering together as a pack could look like. Today, all of our events have an in-person and a virtual version. Our ability to support Scholars’ sense of community remains constant.

"The people – coaches, staff, and Scholars – are the true reason Wily has been such an overwhelming blessing for me. Each person I have had the privilege of welcoming into my life, even if for a brief moment, has been a precious gift from Wily." – Testimonial by Olivia, Wily alum, Boston University '19

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Wily COVID-19 Crisis Response

Supporting Wily Scholars Through this Crisis

If there was ever a moment that struck at the heart of our mission, it was the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis has demonstrated that Wily Scholars can count on us to serve as their safety net, advocate, champion, and shoulder to cry on. As one student said, we are their “frontline workers”.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the Wily Network has continued our important work with Wily Scholars. During the peak of the crisis, helping to secure housing, food, and mental health services for Scholars during the pandemic was Wily’s top priority. During that critical period, we were able to ensure that every Scholar had their basic needs met. Clinical coaches met virtually with their students, and Wily provided group programming using a variety of online platforms to keep Scholars connected during this period of social disconnection. 

Meeting with Scholars in person continues to be our top priority. We ensure that our in person gatherings follow all public health and university guidelines. 

The bottom line is that Wily is here for Scholars, no matter what the upcoming months may bring.

The Wily Network COVID response

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