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Create Care Packages for Scholars

Wily volunteers create care packages for holidays, exam weeks and other occasions to remind Scholars that we’re rooting for them!

“I just wanted to say thank you… for the care package this week. It was awesome and I may have already finished the loaf of banana bread 🙂. I definitely felt loved and I really appreciate being a part of this group. I finally feel like I have an entire network of support that I can always count on.”

The Wily NetworkWily Scholar

Receiving a care package filled with tasty treats, gift cards, encouraging notes, and other goodies gives Scholars a boost while they attend to their schoolwork.

Whether you’re interested in putting together a couple of care packages on your own, hosting a care package event with your company, or getting together with friends to make care packages for a cohort of Scholars, we welcome care package donations of all sizes.

If you have any questions about providing care packages for Wily Scholars, please reach out to Gabrielle Emerson (she/her), Program and Volunteer Coordinator.

Gift Giving for Scholars

Make a four-year commitment to provide gifts for a particular Scholar on significant occasions like birthdays and holidays. 

Receiving gifts during the winter holidays, for birthdays, and graduation lets Scholars know that people are thinking of them. Help a student celebrate the milestones along their way through college!

“I will forever be grateful for you and your family who have shown me what it means to feel loved on holidays and my birthday.” 

The Wily NetworkChantel, Wily Scholar, Northeastern University

How it works:

  • Gift Givers receive the Scholar’s wishlist and some information about their favorite colors, snacks, hobbies, etc. leading up to their birthday and the winter holidays
  • Gift Givers pick out a personalized gift for the student. Feel free to include a note!
  • Wily staff will deliver gifts to Scholars on their college campuses

If you have any questions about our Gift Giving program please reach out to Gabrielle Emerson (she/her), Program and Volunteer Coordinator.

Support Scholars with a Gift Card

Gift cards are one of the most helpful and welcome ways you can directly support a student. 

When you give a gift card to a Scholar, you give them more than the dollar amount on the card. You provide them with the ability to join their peers in going shopping or getting a cup of coffee without stress.

We welcome all gift cards. Some suggestions:

Food – Starbucks, Dunkin’, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Trader Joes
Supplies – Amazon, Visa, Target, CVS, American Express
Transportation – Uber, Charlie Card, Lyft

“When I’m at the cash register buying small essentials for myself or my own children, I think of the Scholars for whom this expense may not actually be that small. If I buy a gift card for a Scholar, they can pick up some necessities — like pencils at Staples, or shampoo at CVS — without worry and will also know that there is someone out there thinking of them like I think of my own children.”

The Wily NetworkKim, Wily Volunteer


If you have any questions about supporting Wily Scholars with gift cards, please reach out to Gabrielle Emerson (she/her) Program and Volunteer Coordinator

Host a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook Fundraisers are an incredible tool for spreading the word about Wily to new audiences.

Facebook Fundraisers are easy to set up and run. We’ve created a Facebook Fundraiser Toolkit for some easy steps to hosting a great fundraiser! It will walk you through the steps of setting up your fundraiser, and offer some tips for success.

We are so appreciative of the ambassadorship of volunteers who choose to host Facebook Fundraisers!

Have questions, ideas or requests? We are happy to work with you to help you run the best fundraiser possible. Feel free to reach out to Harshini Senthil (she/her), Development Coordinator.

Support Wily’s Career Fair

We are always looking for companies to sponsor and attend Wily’s Career Fair.

Wily Scholars got to college by being talented, independent, hardworking and driven. And from Cyber Security to Sculpture, Wily Scholars are earning degrees in a wide variety of disciplines. Companies in every industry are seeking the qualities they bring to the table.

Wily’s Career Fair is designed to connect talented young professionals, and companies who understand the value they bring to a team.

Click here to learn more and fill out our interest form.

Dedicate an event to Wily

Invite friends and loved ones to support Wily in honor of your birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions.

Wily Pack members have hosted cooking classes, gift card drives, Facebook fundraisers, book club meetings, birthday parties and more in support of Wily Scholars. Wily can help you plan a creative, custom event that makes an impact.

If you have any questions about dedicating an event to Wily, please reach out to Ashley Linell (she/her), Director of Development.

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