Wily Network Initiatives

The Wily Network has adopted three initiatives to help us continue to build on our foundation, expand our network, and improve our programming.

  1. Expansion: We’re expanding our organization to serve more Scholars and meet the growing need for our services. Learn more about our open positions.
  2. Mental Health Services: From funding therapy to conducting research on mental health services, Wily has worked on a range of projects to prioritize  Scholars’ mental health.
  3. Career Fair: Our Career Fair exposes Scholars to job and internship opportunities. Learn how you and your company can support the Career Fair.
Reasons to Donate

Students navigating college independently often face a variety of systemic barriers, and it can be difficult to access everything college has to offer. Wily provides students with tangible and intangible benefits to fill these gaps and provide a supportive partnership during their college experience. Wily provides these additional resources so Scholars can focus on what they came to school to do: get their degrees.

With your donation, Wily makes a critical investment in each Scholar’s life, which can make the difference between dropping out and reaching graduation with a robust community of peers and caring adults to share in their celebration.


Fund-A-Scholar Program donors make a long-term commitment to help Scholars reach their goal of graduating by ensuring that Wily has the funds to see a Scholar through four years of the program. Because of you, we are able to meet the needs of Scholars today and prepare to welcome new Scholars in the years ahead. You inspire other individuals, families, businesses, and grant-makers to join you in building a vibrant Wily community. Most importantly, you let Wily Scholars know that you’re proud to be part of their journey.

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How You Can Support Wily

Wily’s strength comes from every member of the pack, including our many generous donors and volunteers. Whether you are a new friend or looking for fresh ways to engage, we hope you’ll consider these opportunities.

Young Professionals Association
Young Professionals Association

The Young Professionals Association (YPA) is a self-driven group of young professionals dedicated to the Wily Network. They use their time, talent, and resources to support and raise awareness of Wily’s mission, increase the organization’s network and funding, and provide professional development opportunities for Scholars & Association Members.

Young Professionals Association
The Wily Network Supporters

We couldn’t do what we do without the help we get from our generous supporters. Learn more about our partners, the foundations and corporations who help us, and view our annual reports that detail each year’s donors and fundraising efforts.

We’d love to hear from you.