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Interview with Eric James: the first Wily Scholar

When Wily met Eric James, we were both just starting out. He hadn’t yet enrolled at UMass Dartmouth, and we were yet to partner with our first student. Now, seven years  and more than 100 Wily Scholars later, we sat down with Eric to talk about his new role. The first ever Wily Scholar has been appointed Mattapan’s Neighborhood Liaison to City Hall by Mayor Michelle Wu.

By |August 10, 2022|

The Wily Network Responds to the Mackenzie Fierceton Story

Mackenzie Fierceton is the child of a doctor who attended a private prep school in a wealthy suburb. She also called herself a first-generation low-income student. But Mackenzie Fierceton is not a liar. She is a student who found herself in a complex and easily-misunderstood situation: working towards her degree without support from family. Just as Mackenzie’s story was misunderstood, what makes a student a Wily Scholar [...]

Mentoring vs. Coaching

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a mentor and a coach? Since January is National Mentoring Month, we thought we’d take the opportunity to explain! Here’s the quick version: mentors are role models who speak from a place of experience. Coaches are collaborators who specifically focus on working with you to achieve your goals. Of course, many mentors [...]

By |January 14, 2022|

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