April 24, 2024
5:45 PM

Boston College
Corcoran Commons
Chestnut Hill, MA

Join us at the Ilene Beal Speaker Series to hear from Wily Scholars about the impact that Wily has on their college experience, and learn from coaches about the unique model that makes our program so successful.

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Meet the Panelists

Korie Clegg, MSW (she/her)
Senior Clinical Scholar Coach 

I have grown as a person in my work with students just by learning about their interests, in learning about their passions, things that I really don’t know about. Because while I bring a certain skill set to the relationship, they also bring a skillset and strengths to the relationship that really makes each relationship with each student so unique.”

Ine Ogagan, MS, LCSW (she/her)
Director of Clinical Coaching 

“I’m honored that Wily Scholars welcome us into their lives, allowing us to walk alongside them and be their cheerleaders. We know that without Wily they still would have been the amazing individuals that they are. Ideally, we are able to support them through their challenges and provide a safety net. We are really on their team: wanting to see them win, helping them achieve their goals. Seeing them at graduation is always a joy to witness and be a part of.” 

Madjeen Lorthe, MEd (she/her)
Senior Clinical Scholar Coach 

“At Wily, you are working with students who are in this phase of life where there’s so much potential…It’s such a beautiful time to be invited into their lives, to see just how they’re thinking about the decisions that they’re making, what brings them joy. I just find conversations with them so enriching. I walk away with so much value and insight into how to be as a human in this world.”

Meet the Host

Eric James (he/him)
Wily alum

Last year’s Speaker Series panelist, Eric James, will return this year. Eric serves as the Mattapan Neighborhood Liaison in the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services. Since graduating, he has been an active member of the Wily pack: attending the Career Fair as an employer representative, joining Wily’s community events, and now hosting this year’s Speaker Series! We look forward to Eric guiding us through the program for the evening.

Boston College asks that you please park in the Commonwealth Avenue Garage. If you park in a different lot, you may be ticketed or towed.

Parking will be validated at the event.

Commonwealth Avenue Garage
located next to:
21 Campanella Way
Boston (Brighton), MA

Parking in Commonwealth Avenue Garage:

Once on Campanella Way, pass John M. Corcoran Commons and Robsham Theater on the left, and follow the road as it curves left. On the right, you will see the entrance to the Commonwealth Ave garage. Take a ticket and park in this garage.

Walking to Corcoran Commons:

When you exit the parking garage on foot, turn left to walk back to John M. Corcoran Commons. Once inside, go up the stairs to the 2nd floor. The event is in the Heights Room on the 2nd Floor.

Everyone will get a validated voucher for free parking. You will need both the garage ticket and the voucher to park for free.

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Highlights from the 2023 Ilene Beal Speaker Series

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