All-Pack Prep Week

Students are heading back to school for the fall semester, and that means we’re returning to a schedule of regular, in-person meetings with every Scholar! We geared up for the new semester with All-Pack Prep Week; a week where staff spent time together for trainings and team-building activities.

We welcomed Kiera Penpeci from Primed OD to lead us in a yoga class, and took time for meditation, journaling, and other mindfulness exercises. We also got competitive with some team-building activities, including a game of Wily Jenga! We use this game as a discussion tool for reflecting on what goes into a healthy support system; each Jenga block has one part of a support system written on it.

Alongside all the fun, the week was an opportunity for the coaching and admin teams to connect in-depth as they prepare for the upcoming year. Admin staff got to refresh coaches on some of Wily’s behind the scenes technology, and coaches led a discussion with admin staff to share how they keep conversations with Scholars as constructive as possible.

The week was also an opportunity to gain new insight and strategies for the semester ahead. We researched the landscape of Title IX services at each of Wily’s colleges to make sure we were informed about the full range of resources that each school offers. We also welcomed student services advisor Linda Borden to lead a training on executive functioning and college students. Linda helped us think through how struggling with executive functioning can impact someone’s college experience, and shared strategies for practicing and building executive functioning skills.

Wily staff left the week prepared for the busy weeks ahead of college move-ins and first coaching meetings.