Core Values

Wily’s core values are the foundational principles that guide our organization. Our five values are each statements of belief that are then backed up by specific actions. It is through these actions that we live out our core values on a day to day basis.

Wily’s core values underpin our entire organization.
They shape how we approach our work and conduct our personal relationships; they are the lens through which we make strategic decisions; they influence how we hire, train and acknowledge our staff. To reflect this centrality, our core values tie into the key performance indicators by which we measure our success.

On an ongoing basis, Wily evaluates how well we are living up to our core values, and we continually look for new and effective ways to embed them in our organization.

Wily Scholars are the heart of our mission

We respect our Scholars. We build off of their strengths with a “do with, not for” philosophy. We accompany them on a journey towards whole, healthy and balanced lives.

We believe in the power of deep, trusting relationships

Wily is a reliable presence in our Scholars’ lives. Through a trauma-sensitive and individualized approach, we assist our Scholars as they move from surviving to thriving.

We believe in the strength of our pack

We work collaboratively to build a broad community of support for our Scholars.

We are committed to the long term

As an organization and in our individual Scholar relationships, we only make commitments we can keep. We pursue responsible growth and financial sustainability.

We are a listening/learning organization

We make decisions with intention. We continually evaluate our program and remain adaptable to meet our staff and Scholar needs. We seek to become recognized leaders in the field of college support.