DIY Halloween Costumes for College Students

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Halloween is a great opportunity to practice your budgeting skills by getting creative. You get to decide how much to spend on your great costume, so here are some tips for creating an original and affordable Halloween outfit.

  • Get thrifting: If you’re looking for a costume under $10, then look no further than local thrift stores. Stores like Goodwill* often set up their shops for Halloween, making it easy to find the perfect costume.
  • Be creative: You’re only limited by the scope of your imagination – take a look at DIY Halloween Costumes for College Students to get some inspiration.
  • Check your wardrobe: Do an inventory of your existing wardrobe to see if anything you already have can be repurposed into a costume–all it takes is a little out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Host a costume swap: Many people buy a new costume each year, never to be used again and left to collect dust in closets. Organize a Halloween trade by getting a group of friends together and asking them to bring old costumes and accessories.

What’s your DIY inspiration? Have any tips to share? Comment below and let us know.

*Note: I am working with Goodwill for school credit with BU’s PRLab (a student-run PR agency). I hope there’s no conflict but genuinely believe they have great, affordable costumes for everyone.