Fall Community Day 2021

Would you believe that a month into the school year, there were some Scholars we had only met through the computer screen?

Fall Community Day changed all that. The first in-person Community Day we’ve had in two years was a refreshing chance to catch up with old friends and welcome new students into the community.

We kicked off the event by collecting a jar of notes with our hopes and fears for the upcoming year – along with pieces of advice from veteran Scholars to new members of the Wily Pack.

One piece of advice I would give to new Wily Scholars is to never be afraid to talk to your coach about anything. They’re your support system throughout your years in college!

Advice for newer students: you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor and you deserve the positive things you get out of Wily. You can do what you set your mind to. Don’t fall for the imposter syndrome!!

Connecting with Scholars from my campus has made me feel more connected to my school, and they have shared so many good resources and tips.

Feeling (somehow) optimistic about Dining OUT with Wily. Love eating with everyone and spending quality time together.

Students embraced the opportunity to reply to one another’s messages, adding onto the hopes and advice and offering encouragement and suggestions in response to the fears.

One of the highlights of our 2020 virtual Community Day was watching a slideshow of Scholar artwork. So it felt fitting to sit outside and make some art together as we transitioned back into in-person events. Our supporters at DCU Bank helped us paint rocks for a kindness rock garden… and we may have used some of the paint on our faces, too.

We also heard some networking and resume advice from Scholar members of the Career Fair Planning Committee and from a Wily alum. They addressed issues like tailoring your resume for an industry you haven’t worked in, following up after making a professional connection, and highlighting specifics when it comes to your past positions. Check out Wily Scholar Marissa’s blog post for a more in-depth look at their presentation!

We left with a powerful reminder of what it means to be part of the Wily Pack. We created something together; learned from one another; and shared our advice, encouragement, hopes and fears with the whole community. We can’t wait to gather again as a group for Packsgiving.