Wily Scholars are the heart of our mission.

The cornerstone of our fundraising paradigm is the Fund-A-Scholar program, which provides multi-year funding to ensure Wily’s sustainability, a primary focus in our fifth year of fundraising. Our Fund-A-Scholar donors make a multi-year pledge of $50,000 and commit to donating $12,500 for four consecutive years, which funds the full Wily program for one student.

We currently have a waiting list of students eligible to become Wily Scholars. The Fund-A-Scholar program ensures that we can meet the needs of current Wily Scholars through graduation and continue to enroll new Scholars each year.

COVID-19 Spotlight

“I just wanted to say, I don’t know what I’d do without the Wily Network. Times like these remind me of how lucky I am to have connected with you and the program four years ago. I feel completely safe during this insane time knowing I have Wily. My heart goes out to the students in my situation who don’t have that right now.”

Chantel, Scholar

NEU '20

Fund-A-Pack Donor Spotlight

Debbi and Mike Young first learned about Wily in the fall of 2018. From the beginning, their passion for Wily and understanding of the mission were genuine. Debbi and Mike just got it – and they’ve been sharing our story with others ever since. No matter where they are, Debbi and Mike are always there for Wily – to lend an ear, help us strategize and plan for the future, and to support the program with their commitment to Fund-A-Pack.

We asked Debbi and Mike a few questions about their involvement with Wily:

How did you first hear about Wily?
We were looking for a non-profit that would help people in vulnerable situations make it to the “other side” and break the cycle of poverty.

What drew you to Wily?
Having been there to support our daughters through college, both emotionally and financially, we immediately understood the impact Wily can have on these incredible students. The fact that they have managed to overcome so many obstacles and been accepted to top colleges and universities – on their own – is incredibly impressive. We wanted to help these amazing young people by giving them the extra resources and support they need so that they will stay in college and achieve their goals.

What do you think we could be doing to connect with more donors like you?
Continue to connect with other parents who have worked so hard to enable their children to attend the best colleges: SAT/ACT prep, tutors, college visits, essays, manage deadlines, etc. and have been there to support and encourage their children along the way. They will appreciate the Wily mission. Wily has a compelling story and needs to be told and retold.

Debbi and Mike have been ambassadors for Wily.

How do you tell our story and what do you say about Wily to your friends and family?
We tell our friends and family how impressed we are with the students and the people who work at Wily. Knowing that coaches have personally helped students move into their dorms and how deeply they connect with Wily Scholars is inspiring. We know how much we supported our girls before, during and after college and we know that when we contribute to Wily, we are directly helping a well-deserving student.


With your support and the support of other Fund-A-Pack donors, we can continue to do what we do.

What is your long term vision and hope for Wily five years from now?
We were fortunate to be able to review the Wily strategic plan and feel you are asking the right questions and have the right plan. We will continue to support more Wily Scholars in the Boston area and make sure the Wily message continues to be shared.

What would you say to prospective FAS donors to encourage them to donate?
Make sure that the potential donors know how their contribution will reach the students. At first, we didn’t understand that half of the funds are used to cover the cost of one coach. Once Judi explained how Fund-A-Scholar works, we realized that the Clinical Coach plays a primary role in the Scholar’s support system and is crucial to their college success. Sharing success stories about Wily Scholars and enabling potential and current donors to meet students and staff is very impactful.