In Kind

Support our Wily Scholars by fulfilling Wily’s Back-To-School wishlists on Amazon.

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When I’m at the cash register buying small essentials for myself or my own children, I think of the Scholars for whom this expense mat not actually be that small. If I buy a gift card for a Scholar, he or she can pick up some necessities — like pencils at Staples, or shampoo at CVS — without worry and will also know that there is someone out there thinking him or her like I think of my own children.


Wily Volunteer

My heart is still aching to think of these brave kids navigating college essentially alone. High fives to Wily for creating a support system that cares for the whole child so they can focus on graduating and launching into a great future. Hugs to you all and thank you for finding the time in a very busy season to be together. Lots of love,


Care Package Chair