What is a Wily Scholar?

Wily Scholars are college students who strive to manage their own finances, secure their own summer/break housing, and work to provide themselves with food, books, clothing, and dorm essentials. The common thread among Wily Scholars is that they are all navigating college on their own.

Why the Name “Wily?”

These young adults have needed to be Wily in order to gain college admission without a strong support network. To reach college, these students have often had to be single-minded, strategic, and focused on their own path. As they transition into college life, they face the challenge of integrating their existing skills into a new environment and developing new skills.  All students need a Network to thrive in college and must learn to rely on the strength of their community, to have interdependent relationships, and to utilize the resources available to them on the college campus and beyond.

The Wily Network is committed to honoring existing Wily skills and to supporting scholars by creating a dynamic Network to ensure their success in college and beyond.