Scholars Summer Opportunities

Wily Scholars have been working hard toward their futures this summer, with internships, summer jobs and more! We are proud of the opportunities they are taking advantage of to learn and grow. With the summer coming to an end, we wanted to highlight three Scholars who shared inspirational experiences with us!

Lydia and Project Onramp

Lydia is one of three Wily Scholars that have completed an internship at Project Onramp this summer. Wily is proud to have participated in our third year with the Project Onramp summer internship program! The program is a collaborative effort between five leading life science organizations, including our partner Life Science Cares. Project Onramp aims to “bridge the opportunity gap” by “connect[ing] passionate, high-achieving four-year college students with paid internships.”

Wily Scholars have completed 10 internships with this program throughout the years and Lydia shared her experience with us: “This summer I interned at Rhythm Pharmaceuticals working across multiple departments as an HR, Marketing, and Employee Experience intern. For the first time, I considered grad school and I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do after switching from Nursing last semester. I’m very grateful for Deb Lewandowski, she hired and mentored me throughout the process. Project Onramp was very helpful and was there every step of the way. They created an environment to make networking easier for interns and mentors.”

Coach Rocío cheered Lydia on at the Project Onramp Intern Showcase!

Gordon and his walk for Homelessness Awareness

When we met Gordon, he was starting his first year at Boston College – and he was all over the news. He had walked from Virginia to BC’s campus in Chestnut Hill to raise awareness and funds for people experiencing homelessness.

It has been an honor and a joy to partner with Gordon throughout his journey at BC. While being a full time student, he also stayed focused on his mission to uplift people experiencing homelessness, working with organizations like BC Habitat for Humanity. Now he is moving on to his next chapter: University of Georgia Law School.

Gordon has once again traveled more than 500 miles to school on foot, to raise money for the National Alliance to End Homelessness. We followed along as he filmed his walk – and Gordon’s Wily coach checked in on him regularly throughout his journey.

On day 21, Gordon achieved his goal and arrived on campus. Congratulations on your graduation, Gordon. We know you will continue to make a profound impact on the work to end America’s homelessness epidemic, in law school and beyond.

Gordon was just featured as ABC News’ Person of the Week! Check out his featured video below:

Hansali and Harvard Business Publishing

Hansali, a senior at Northeastern University, interned at Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) in the Human Resources Department. She “had the privilege of working with three Human Resources teams: Talent Acquisition, Employee Experience, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).”

Spending some time with each department she elaborates on what her days consisted of: ”Under the Talent Acquisition team, I reviewed resumes and shadowed phone screening interviews, gaining valuable insights into the hiring process. With the DEI team, I organized a webinar for World Humanitarian Day. This webinar featured a panel of HBP employees and representatives from organizations involved in humanitarian work, effectively raising awareness and promoting discussions on global humanitarian issues.”

Showing her leadership characteristics, Hansali also created a proposal to develop a partnership with the HBP and the Wily Network: “This proposal serves as a pilot program scheduled for late October. It aims to bring Wily Scholars to the HBP office for a panel discussion featuring HBP Employee Resource Group representatives who are in the early stages of their careers. The goal is to educate students about their experiences navigating the corporate world as minorities or first-generation individuals. Additionally, the program will include a luncheon and a resume review workshop for students. This initiative empowers first-generation, low-income college students and addresses educational and professional achievement gaps. Interning at HBP was an incredible experience where I gained a plethora of  knowledge about the Human Resources industry and have found my future career path within the DEI space.”

Wily Scholars continue to serve as our mentors with their ideas and aspirations. This summer was filled with accomplishments and we cannot wait to share more about what students achieve in this new school year.