Spring Community Day 2023

Twice a year, Wily Scholars, alums and staff gather for Community Day. Each Community Day strengthens the relationships in our Pack, providing a powerful resource for Scholars: each other.

At this year’s Spring Community Day, Scholars played musical chairs, shared what Wily means to them, made art, and more!

We kicked off the day with a competition: each table of Scholars was given some arts and crafts materials, and asked to construct a Wily House. What that meant was up for interpretation, and we got to see a wide variety of cardboard and popsicle stick creations. From a home with a backyard and a car to a clock tower guarded by a rubber-band wolf, Scholars put together a creative display.

As always, we gave out a Community Day gift to Wily Scholars. This year we owe a huge thank you to Marco Promos for naming us a Marco Promos Difference Maker, and awarding us a $1,000 credit towards the fabulous t-shirts! We always tell Wily Scholars to rely on the strength of their pack, and we loved seeing a reminder of that motto on everyone’s shirt.

Special thank you to Commonwealth Cares, which provided some amazing care packages for Wily Scholars! We were so excited to give them out as door prizes.

We left with some beautiful artwork and messages to remember the day by, and memories of lots of shared laughter and joy. We are so grateful to Kristie Dean for capturing the event in these amazing photos, and to Isora Lithgow for taking graduation pictures for Wily’s seniors!