Initiatives for 2021-2022

Initiatives for 2021-2022

For the 2021-2022 school year the Wily Network has adopted three initiatives that will help us continue to build on our foundation, expand our network, and improve our programming.


We’re expanding our organization to serve more Scholars and meet the growing need for our services.
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Mental Well-Being

From funding therapy to conducting research on mental health services, Wily has a range of projects planned to prioritize  Scholars’ mental health.

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Career Preparation

We hosted our first Career Fair to expose Scholars to job & internship opportunities. Learn how you and your company can support the 2022 Career Fair.

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The sudden campus closures last March gave us a glimpse at the number of students who qualify for our services but are currently going without support. In the chaos of last year we received more new referrals than ever before. We don’t just want to grow, we need to grow in order to meet the need in Greater BostonWe hope to increase from 71 students to approximately 85.

We always say, “rely on the strength of your Pack.” The challenges for Wily Scholars are beyond what many of us can imagine, and every day a Scholar goes without a “Pack” is a day that a college student may feel alone. This year we will grow our community and move one step closer to accepting every student referral.

  • Every college we partner with has students who qualify for Wily’s services, but have yet to be been identified
  • For every seven students we serve, we currently have one on the waiting list
  • We anticipate receiving about 25 new referrals in the fall

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Mental Well-Being and Medical Leaves

Many Wily Scholars are managing a history of trauma while they tackle the ongoing pressure of college. This has been exacerbated by the social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Scholars are looking for therapists of color and therapists who specialize in working with people that have experienced trauma. We plan to expand mental health supports for Scholars by funding therapy that is not covered by their health insurance. We also plan to build a fund for supporting Scholars on medical leave, so they can learn to manage their trauma and have a successful return to college.

  • Students who report childhood trauma are almost twice as likely to drop out of college
  • 45% of college students that dropped out of college due to mental health challenges did not request accommodations at school
  • Youth without adequate support systems are more likely to seek help if it is available from someone they know understands their lived experience
  • Wily provides the kinds of safe, stable, supportive relationships that help mitigate the effects of adverse childhood experiences

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Career Preparation

The network gap is an obstacle that Scholars face before and after graduation; with a diploma in hand to showcase years of hard work, intelligence, creativity, and resilience, they find themselves struggling to land work. Part of the problem is that most jobs are never posted online, but are filled through networking. Wily Scholars lack the family networks that most of their peers use to find their first jobs. This year we will draw on the diverse connections of the Wily community to launch an annual Career Fair. We will help Scholars build relationships with people working in their fields, and find jobs and internships.

Wily Scholars have the additional burden of needing to pay for housing during school breaks, which means they cannot afford to participate in unpaid internships. All of these barriers have been compounded by the reduction of internships, work studies and jobs available due to COVID-19. Our goal is to help Scholars explore careers in a supportive environment where recruiters understand Scholars’ perspectives and the value that Scholars can provide to a team.

  • At least 70% of jobs are never advertised
  • 73% of young adults between the ages of 18-34 found at least one job through their social network
  • 85% of jobs are filled through networking
  • Early internships and mentoring increase the likelihood that students lacking a family network will land high-quality jobs

Do you have a job or internship opportunity that Scholars might be interested in? Would your company like to attend our Career Fair? 

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