Virtual Care Package Event

Thank you to our volunteers who have supported Wily’s Care Package Program by creating generous care packages for Wily Scholars throughout the academic year. These care packages provide needed items and let Scholars know that they are special and deserving, just like their college peers who often receive packages from home. 

With COVID-19, Wily’s traditional care package events are no longer safe or possible, but we would still love to work with volunteers to provide in-kind gifts for Scholars. If you are interested in planning a virtual Wily care package event, please read the following information carefully. These directions are meant to give you the steps necessary to find and collect helpful items, while staying socially distanced and keeping everyone involved safe. 

Thank you for your help!

1. Wily will…

  • provide a list of suggested items as well as a list of Scholars (first name, school, and gender).
  • work with you to arrange a safe and contactless point of delivery or pick up for completed care packages.
  • assemble care packages if needed.
  • deliver care packages to Scholars.

2. Chairperson will…

  • share a list of suggested items and a way for participants to sign up (Wily recommends using Sign Up Genius or Google Sheets).
  • split up the items in a way that works best for your group.
  • share explicit instructions for the collection of items (provided by Wily).
  • assemble care packages.

3. Purchase Items

  • Most items can be found at your local supermarket or pharmacy, or online.
  • If ordering online, have items shipped to the chairperson’s house OR Wily’s office.
  • If purchasing items in person, you can do so during your next trip to the supermarket or pharmacy (no need to make an extra trip), then drop off at the chairperson’s house OR Wily’s office.
    • gloves and masks are strongly encouraged
    • using porches or front steps are easy ways to allow for contactless deliveries or pickups

4. Assemble Care Packages

  • We recommend waiting a few days after drop off before touching items and assembling care packages.
  • Please wear a mask and gloves while handling items.
  • If you want or need help assembling, we recommend having only household members handle items to minimize the risk.
  • Create care packages in easy to carry bags (we suggest reusable totes or paper gift bags).
  • Make sure care packages are clearly labeled with Scholar names (if applicable).
  • Arrange with Wily staff for a contactless delivery or pickup.

–OR– Send to Wily to Assemble

  • Wily receives items by mail or contactless drop off or pick up, and will assemble care packages.

5. Virtual Event (Optional)

  • In addition to providing care packages, you may also want to host a virtual Intro to Wily event for participants.
  • Reach out to Gabe Benson, to create a plan.
  • Choose a date and time, and invite guests through email, Evite, or Google Calendar.
  • Wily will provide a Zoom link and instructions, as well as digital marketing materials for guests.
  • Host the virtual event, where participants can interact with each other and learn more about the mission, Wily Scholars, and other ways to get involved.
  • Virtual events can take place before or after collecting supplies – if participants are new to Wily, we recommend holding your virtual event prior to assembling the care packages.

I just wanted to say thank you… for the care package this week. It was awesome and I may have already finished the loaf of banana bread 🙂 . I definitely felt loved and I really appreciate being a part of this group. I finally feel like I have an entire network of support that I can always count on.

A Wily Scholar


Please contact:

Gabe Benson