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Wily volunteer programs are a great way to get connected with Wily Scholars. Volunteer through one of the programs below.

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Care Package Program – Let Wily Scholars know someone is thinking of them. Care packages give Scholars a big boost during exam weeks and holidays throughout the year. Become a Care Package Chair and organize the donations and packaging of items five times a year! Click here to learn more…

Gift Card Program – The Wily Network welcomes donations of gift cards to support Scholars throughout the year. Gift cards come in handy all the time, whether for meals when the cafeteria is closed over break, transportation, or dorm room essentials and personal items. Host a gift card party for friends or colleagues to support Wily Scholars through the Gift Card Program. Click here to learn more…

Gift Giving Program – Birthdays, holidays, and graduation can be difficult for Wily Scholars. The Wily Gift Giving Program pairs Scholars with volunteers who provide personalized gifts on special occasions until they graduate from college. Click here to learn more…

Introduction Event – Host an event to introduce your networks to Wily. Click here to learn more…

Career Networking – Volunteers can connect with Wily Scholars to help them navigate the professional world. Networking opportunities enable Scholars to develop lifelong relationships with professionals outside the college community.