Dining Out with Wily

We are reaching out to Boston-area restaurants to request support for our Dining Out with Wily program. Participating restaurants sponsor a group dinner for 10 students and two staff members once a year. Our goal is to offer our Scholars the opportunity to dine out together monthly by engaging 12 restaurants in our program. Restaurants that participate in Dining Out with Wily enable students to enjoy excellent meals in a casual environment without financial worry.

The Wily Network wants to thank these generous restaurants who have
committed to Dining Out with Wily:

Steve “Nookie” Postal

Michael Glynn
Glynn Hospitality Group

Eastern Standard
Garrett Harker

Myers + Chang
Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers

Evan Deluty

Sweet Cheeks
Tiffani Faison

The Local
Tricia and Tom Wynn
Stacey and Frank Santo

Jody Adams

West on Centre
Eleanor Conlon-Greene and Michael Conlon

We hope you will consider supporting our Scholars with an in-kind donation by joining our Dining Out with Wily restaurant program.

For more information, please email Ashley Linell at ashley@thewilynetwork.org or call (781) 929-6184.