Gift Giving Program

The Wily Holiday and Birthday Gift Giving Program is one of the ways the Wily Network supports our Scholars. Receiving gifts during the winter holidays, for birthdays, and graduation lets Scholars know that people are thinking of them while they attend to their schoolwork.

How the Wily Gift Giving Program works:

Birthdays: Select items from the Scholar’s favorites and wish lists to ensure a special birthday. We suggest spending  approximately $200-$250 (total) for birthday presents. We can discuss your assigned student with you and make some suggestions.

Winter Holidays: Gift givers provide needed items from the Wily Scholar’s holiday list. The list will include 1) Something they want, 2) Something they need, 3) Something to wear, 4) Something to read. Purchase one to three gift cards to local eateries that may be used during school vacation. Wily will provide a list of restaurants near campus. Uber gift cards are also popular. We suggest spending $150 to 200 for winter holiday gifts.

Graduation: We will let you know when your assigned Scholar is graduating, and you can provide a special gift to commemorate the occasion and a card of congratulations.

Logistics: Please leave gifts unwrapped but feel free to attach a card. Please have gifts ready 3-5 days prior to the calendar event. Wily staff will deliver gifts to Scholars on their college campuses.

Gifts can be sent to:
The Wily Network
1920 Centre Street, Suite 1
West Roxbury, MA 02132

We can also make arrangements to pick up gifts from your location. All receipts should be emailed to You will receive a thank you letter with tax information about your in-kind donation.

If you have any questions please contact Gabe Benson: