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The Wily Network is designed to support students who are experiencing life challenges such as homelessness or foster care, or whose parents may be dealing with addiction, mental health issues, or incarceration.

The Wily Network encourages Scholars to take advantage of the resources that are available to them on campus and in the community. The Wily Network will not intentionally duplicate services that are readily available to Wily Scholars at their college or university.

The Wily Network provides a safety net composed of tangible and intangible benefits in each student’s college community that college students with consistent and stable homes and families take for granted. The Wily Network delivers flexible and  dynamic combination of supports of weekly trauma-sensitive coaching, supplemental financial assistance, community- building support, and networking opportunities to help Scholars move from surviving to thriving.

The Wily Network Responsibilities

  • Abide by all rules, procedures and expectations of the university.
  • Facilitate connection between students and on-campus programs and resources.
  • Provide emotional support to students and refer students to comprehensive mental health services as needed.
  • Work with students one-on-one using a trauma-sensitive model to identify areas of growth within academics, housing, physical health and personal wellness, social connectedness, personal identity, life skills and campus living, and finances.