Wily’s Community Connections

The Wily pack is family. Connect with as many people as you can within the Wily community. If you are a fellow introvert, that is okay, have quality relationships and give it time. Know your coach, know Judi, know your fellow Wily Scholars especially if they are roommates. You will begin to see the beauty expressed uniquely from each person showcasing just how strong and resilient some fellow Wily Scholars are.

All the coaches are communicative, flexible, and understanding. All the staff will try to do their best to help you. My Wily coach and Bonnie arranged many networking opportunities for me to chat with someone. I recall a very helpful meeting where the volunteer, named George, and I conducted a mock interview and resume review. My conversation with George was very interesting. He was well versed in what interviews entail. It was a huge positive to have a qualified and experienced person who knew the ins and outs of the interview process working with me. For example, I didn’t know what behavioral interview questions were until we talked about them. I also learned to always ask a question at the end of the interview. We turned to my resume next, and George went the extra mile by sending me good resume and cover letter examples for reference.

I wanted to find a job for the summer and took my mentor George’s advice. I revamped my resume and sent cover letters out. I used LinkedIn’s job search function to find positions to apply for, and I asked a friend for help to gain an understanding of how to use the search. My Wily coach also helped me connect with Pear Therapeutics, Foresite Capital, and several other companies. In the end, I chose a position at InsideTracker. I heard about that opportunity because I was initially having a hard time with my job search, so my Wily coach contacted Judi, who reached out to Tara from InsideTracker. I got the job since Tara was able to see my initiative, ambition, and capability.

I had to go off to college as an independent student. I had no parents because my mother died from cancer, so the only way to describe what I was feeling would be that I was very afraid. I was very uncertain about the future and felt very fearful. I feel more at peace because Wily helped me so much. I changed because I went from feeling impending doom to feeling like I have a family that will help. This shift would bring out the best in anyone.

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