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December 2021

Viewpoint: How universities can improve responsiveness to students’ mental health issues

By |2021-12-10T14:27:38-05:00December 10, 2021|News|

Leaves of absence are a common choice for college students dealing with physical or mental health challenges; they take a semester off to take care of their health, and ideally return to school ready to learn. But there isn’t much data out there about [...]

August 2021

Judi Alperin King: The Head of the Wily Network on Basic Needs and Belonging for Students on Their Own

By |2023-05-31T10:50:12-04:00August 25, 2021|News|

The Mary Christie Institute researches the emotional and behavioral health of young adults, with a special focus on college students. Read their profile of the Wily Network, based on an interview with Founder and Executive Director Judi Alperin King and Wily Scholar Victor. Judi and Victor explain what it really means for Wily to “support” [...]

October 2020

The Wily Network Practice Highlight: National Research Collaborative for Foster Alumni and Higher Education Newsletter

By |2021-10-27T14:23:49-04:00October 30, 2020|News|

“Wily has done so much for me, even though I’ve only been a member for just over a year. They have been there at my lowest and highest moments,” says Mathieu. Mathieu and Chantel discuss how they got involved with Wily, their experience with the organization, and their vision for its future. [...]

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